Save the Calf

"Care the calves, they will care you"

The calves are reared on whole milk feeding through mother suckling. Therefore most of the farmers from commercial dairy production system sell calves within 2-3 days of birth which died cause early slaughtering of these calves. It is estimated that 5-6 million male calves are slaughtered before attaining the age of one month; PAMCO took initiative to save these calves providing incentive of Rs.3200 against each calf to the farmers. This project is successfully progressing to achieve the objective "Save the Calf", now farmers deliberate calve more valuable than milk.

• Those saving min 10 / max 100 calves of max 6 weeks may participate

• Internationally accredited third party to certify compliance:
Halal feeding
Disease free farm
No chemical & antibiotic residues

• Program's incentive:
Vaccination free of cost
Rs.3200 cash incentive after 6 months of rearing
Forward supply enhancement

• Resulting in:
Additional meat supply
Triggering commercial meat production
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