Grapes Valley

Cholistan as 'Grapes Valley'

Keeping in view the success story of Indian Rajhistan as "Grapes Valley", PAMCO has started to develop Cholistan as Grapes production zone due to similar soil and climatic conditions. Northern part of Lesser Cholistan includes an irrigation zone of 280,000 hectares served by a canal network, where only 130,000 hectares are commendable but only a small part is actually irrigated. PAMCO has initiated to develop 15 nurseries with private partnership to use the idle land.

Grapes Production in Cholistan:

• Cholistan has 0.6 million sweet water zone (highly valuable)
• Conducive climatic and soil conditions for grapes production
• Highly recommended by local experts/researchers for grapes


Encouraging development of viticulture in Cholistan area.
Introducing commercial nursery raising program for investors.
Catalyzing agro-industrial growth related to grapes in different parts of the Punjab.

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