Lahore Meat Processing Complex

Globalization of food trade and increased consumer awareness regarding food safety standards contribute towards new demands for Halal, Healthy and Hygienic food. It is important to abridge the demand and supply gap through R&D initiatives for Halal meat supply system.

Currently about 600 billion dollars Global Halal market is facing supply gap due to constraints in terms of quality animal production and processing under the compliance regime of international quality standers.

Pakistan possesses all imperative elements for Halal/ quality meat and it's by products' production through certified livestockfarms and state of the art slaughtering andmeat processing facilities in shape of Lahore Meat Processing Complex.

Government of Punjab has devised a comprehensive strategy to modernize meat industry through backward and forward integration to abridge prevalent gap especially for Global Halal meat markets at local and international level.

State of the art meat processing facilities:

Mechanical slaughtering lines for beef & mutton
Meat processing Facilities
Value addition through allied products
Supply to Global Halal market
Meat technology institute in collaboration with UVAS
Blood Rendering Plant
Compost Plant
Waste Water Treatment Plant
Cooling system
Compliance of standards at all tiers of value chain


• Capacity: 1000 beef &12000 mutton animals per day
• One dedicated municipal shift


1. Provision of Hygienic & Halal slaughtering facility of international quality standards for local and export consumption.
2. Conversion of by-products into useable material for other industries.
3. Improving meat processing efficiency by introducing mechanization and mass production.
4. Triggering quality meat animal production through backward integration.

Registration with Animal Quarantine Department (MNFSR):

Provisionally registered with Animal Quarantine Department bearing registration number 023-AQD-PAMCO

ISO, HACCP and Halal Certification:

PAMCO has got ISO, HACCP and Halal certifications for LMPC to ensure Healthy & Hygienic meat supply to local use & export to the globe.