Olive Valley

Potohar as Olive production zone

Punjab- Pakistan has world largest (3.18 million haters)Potential area for olive production but inappropriately we are spending on oilseed estimated USD 1.7 billion annually.

Punjab Government has planned to exploit the potential of olive production in the province. In this regard, PAMCO has taken initiative to develop certified nurseries through private sector starting from Potohar including Attack, Rawalpindi, Chakwal, Jehlum and Khushab districts.

Economic Impact of Nurseries:

– 25 Nurseries catchment area 27,000 acres
– Impact on 27,000 acres USD 78.30 million
– Potential area in Punjab 8,000,000 acres
– Target area 5% 400,000 acres
– Expected impact of 400,000 acres USD 1160 million

Why Olive as new source:

1- Does not replace area of other crops
2- Marginal and barren land can be utilized balancing the ecosystem
3- Existence of wild olive groves in Potohar exhibit its historical adaptation in the area
4- Productive age is over two centuries
5- Environment friendly, drought tolerant with good economic returns
6- Less plant care needed as compared to other fruit plants
7- More employment/business in post-harvest, value addition and marketing

PAMCO facilitates:

Provision of technical backstopping
Provision of certified disease free genetic material (sapling, plants, cutting) to investors.
Farmers training.

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