Citrus Valley

Developing Citrus zone at Leyyah and Bhakkar

Citrus is the largest group of fruits being produced in the country having high potential of export and ability to fulfill local needs. Production of Seed less citrus will open new doors for foreign reserves because it is highly required in western countries. Pakistan is among top 13 citrus producing nations. About 200 thousand hectares is under citrus cultivation in Pakistan producing annually 1.67 million tones citrus. Pakistan may number among top states while taking some essential steps.

Significance of Citrus cultivation:

World Average 6.7 t
USA 15.0 t
India & Iran 6.2 t
Pakistan 4.2 t
Issues of Citrus production in Pakistan
Low yield
Lack of seedless varieties
Absence of compliance regime at value chain
Processing / value addition
PAMCO has initiated to establish different kinds of nurseries including, Seedless Citrus, Washington Navel and Valencia Late in Leyyah and Bhakkar districts.

PAMCO provides:

Establishing mother plants nurseries in private sector
Certified disease free genetic material (Sapling, plant and cutting)
Training of farmers.
Compliance and certification system.

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